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The 1969 Experience

If we act as one, we can become the most powerful force in existence.


Our goal is to stop polluting our earth (Oceans & Land)

1. Stop polluting our oceans & Landfill.
2. Stop using plastic bottles, plastic bags and straws.
3. We need people to stand up and be counted on; IT’S EASY!

We can’t do this alone, we need to come together as one people and take action!

Hansel Rescue Farm

The Hansel Rescue Farm (established in 1969) is a safe haven for animals of all shapes and sizes. We are working hard to raise money towards their food, board, transportation and adoption of these animals. All donations and event proceeds go towards these amazing creatures.

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The Apprenticeship Program is available for people who have worked with animals for at least one season on a farm. Apprentices help out with all aspects of the rescue farm.The Apprenticeship Program is available for people who want to give back, help others and are interested in saving our world!

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